Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super cute bento!

I just found a super cute site for bento making!  I had no idea what bento was until about three days ago, and now I am in love!  Abby has decided that she wants a bento box for Christmas...  I just wish she could have decided earlier so that I could have ordered her one... 

Now that I have your curiosity peeked, I should tell you what bento is.  Bento is Japanese lunches - a full lunch packed into a tiny little box, and can be very decorative if so desired.  You really should take a minute to look them up.  Go ahead.  I'll wait. 

Back yet?! Cute aren't they!  If you're as amazed at this super cute foodie craft as Abby and I are, you should pop over to for some awesome tutorials and cute pics.  (And the occasional giveaway...  like the super cute bento giveaway going on now!)  Hope you enjoy it as much as we are!