Friday, October 17, 2008

Work, family and friends.

Well, on my way to work this morning, the car overheated. This was of course due to the loose radiator hose which I had assumed my hubby fixed yesterday. (He did spend half an hour with the hood up on the car, after all...) Guess I was wrong! So, after I finally made it to work, the day went very well. I finished the things that needed to get done, with time to spare! I spent an extra hour there to make up for the time I missed yesterday when I was at home, sick. So overall, things went very well!

Fast forward to after school, my daughter got a ride home from her friend and her parents, which left Adrian alone at the afterschool program. On the ay home, he stopped at a friends house to see if he could come over. The friends older brother and the older brother's friend proceded to repeatedly hit my son. Then then convinced two other boys, including my sons friend, to hit him also. We had a problem last year with one of these boys, but now it seems to have progresed. So now I have to call the school and make them aware of the bullying that has been going on. I am not writting this to proffess his inocence, but rather to ask, what would you do if it was your kid? I know that my son is different than the other kids. I know that he is one of the "newer" kids here, even though we have been here two years. But is that enough reason for the parents of these children to turn their heads while their children bully others?

(This goes as far as the parents of one of these children telling my kids that she was going to call the cops on them for walking on her sidewalk.) What kind of world are we living in?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, I was driving to work on Tuesday when my car died. When I got into the car, I knew something was wrong. When I started the car, the low charge light came on. I didn't think anything of it since it was only in the thirties that night. Maybe the battery didn't have much of a charge since it was cold kinda thing. So SURELY I could still drive to work, right? The alternator would just charge the battery while I drove, right? Except, I had lost my belt that makes the whole alternator business work.

Long story short - it's 8 miles from my house to my job. I made it 5 miles. So, at 5 in the morning I got to walk 2.5 miles before someone stopped for me. Luckily it wasn't to cold - a nice balmy 36 out that morning. Since we had our big snow storm the Sunday before, I was feeling lucky that the skies were clear. And it was very peaceful.

Back to the car, it only cost about $45 to fix it. Considering I thought it was going to cost about $200 for a new alternator and installation, I feel very blessed that it was something so small.

On another note, I am now certified in the state of ND to distribute meds! I was walking to work that morning to do the first half of my med certification - finished the second half yesterday! (I do have to do clinicals, but that is going to happen in the morning, and is a technicality since we did do clinicals during class... So my new title is.... "Erika Billedeaux, CMA." Hooray for me!