Monday, November 24, 2008

The car works again!

Stupid car anyway... But Mike fixed it for me! I can't wait to have my heated seats back for the ride to work! Other than the car drama, there hasn't been much going on here at all. Abby is just getting into hair and stuff, so we've spent the last few days figuring out what kinds of "hairdo's" we can give her. She's really pretty good with a curling iron and a straightening iron, so that's awesome! Makes it easier if they're good to start out with! So if you've got any ideas for hairstyles, or beauty websites that she would be interested in, let us know!

Jason and Christina were married on the 19'th of this month... guess they couldn't wait for December! I am happy for them, and wish them the best. I just hope they can be as happy as Mike and I are in our relationship!

Well, it sounds like I'm going to be in Glendive for Thanksgiving, so if ya live there, maybe I'll see ya! (And yes, I'll bring yarn...) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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