Friday, September 4, 2009

Eeewwww... bugs!

So, the bugs have arrived, and I do mean arrived! We had a moth in our house that was just HUGE! I didn't know that they came that big! We have spent a lot of time getting rid of bugs - just in time for the kids to leave the door open for more bugs to come in... grrr...

We haven't been doing much this week in the way of kitchen tasks. (Lot's of visits from family and friends.) I did make some yogurt and also made homemade granola... mmm! I am so glad that I found the crockpot recipes for those items! It made the day SUPER simple, and made it almost impossible to screw it up. (Just what I need!)

As far as crafting goes, I have finished the main piecing part of my table runner - just have to get around to making the bias binding and actually quilting it. I asked Mike what he thought and he said, "It definatly looks fallish." Pretty sure that isn't a word. But I'll let it go.

Gacy and Bundy are doing well - if they could just stop breaking their chains! We had just bought new ones for them - they lasted less than a week. Man do I need a new plan.

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