Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No, I won't grow weed for you!

  So I started growing things hydroponicaly. Rather, I am starting to grow things in a simple deep water culture set up. I am going to grow lettuce and spinach in a small aquaponic setup. This does not mean I will grow weed for you or anyone else. SO STOP ASKING!!!

That being said, I AM growing tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos and cilantro in this setup. So far the peppers have stated growing, the tomatillos are going crazy. The tomatoes aren't quite there yet - coming soon. (I've seen root hairs, no top growth.) This is all a part of me trying to do things more locally. I know I can get honey locally, I have a source of meat, and my father in law makes the worlds best artisan bread. I learned to make cheese, and am venturing out to get the supplies to try more than just ricotta. I have made my own yogurt - I have learned that it IS possible to live about 75-80% locally around here. (Locally to me is within 100 miles.)

I wish I could get a share in a CSA, but that is still a dream from here. So I will work with what I've got and be thankful for all of it! Oh, yeah, and I will try to post more often...

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