Sunday, December 5, 2010

@#$%*&^ SNOW!!!!!

How on earth do you get stuck in the snow in the middle of town when it stopped snowing over 24 hours ago!  I give this a HUGE WTF for the day.  I had to have my car towed out of 6" of snow in the middle of the road in Glendive today.  The city is "too busy" to plow the side streets.  REALLY?!  I will be sending them a copy of the towing bill, since if they had done their jobs Robin's service wouldn't have had to do theirs.

But anyhow, after all the fun involved in having my car towed, we had Dre's b-day party.  He had a pretty good time, everyone ate cake, and we all enjoyed each other's company for the rest of the night.  Nothing too exciting after the towing.  But, I did get a minuscule amount of Christmas shopping done.  I need to get one more thing for Mike, and just about everything that the kids need.  Why do I always wait for the last week or two to even start my shopping?! I must be nuts! That's my only explanation.

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