Sunday, May 15, 2011

Making time for wool

I  have recently joined the "Tour de Fleece" on Ravelry... I am one the teams:
Team A Spinner's Study 2011

Team Rookies 2011

I can't wait to get started!  I am goiong to attempt challenge #2 for a spinners study - I am goiong to process some of the fleeces I have had sitting around here.  I got my fleece a year (2?) ago and have had it sitting in the garage in bags since...  So my ultimate goal is to process enough wool to spin a little each day. 
I also have a spinning wheel waiting for me at the post office.  It's a Babe Production Wheel with a total of 10 bobbins, an optional single treadle, and extra goodies.  I was able to find it here in North Dakota - the other side of North Dakota, but North Dakota none the less.  That made shipping ultra cheap.  Thank you Ebay!  I will post pictures of the wheel when I get it - the fleece I can add pics of before processing, but as far as the rest of it, I have to wait until July...
Vivé la Tour de Fleece!

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