Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look ma, I'm Spinnning!

I love my kids.  I love their enthusiasm for anything they see me doing that they think might be fun.  Today it was spinning.  Brand new to me wheel?  Check.  Roving to start with?  Check.  5 year old that wants to treadle like the wind?  Check.  13 Year old that wants to do the same?  Double Check! 

So off to the races we go!  I purchased "Start Spinning" off of the interweave website, (Spinning daily if you are interested...) watched the first few minutes, and then the begging began. 
"Can I try that?"  followed by "Mom, it's MY turn!  Abby had it a long time!"

I did manage to make a skein today.  It isn't gorgeous, but it's workable.  I had a bit of a problem with my brake band, and will probably end up going with the counter weight tension brake system, but for now the leather strap will have to suffice.  I also need to pick up some rubber feet or something, 'cuz she likes to glide right out from under me when I'm treadling...

Pics coming soon of my first skein on the Babe...

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