Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back (again.)  So, I have moved back to Glendive, started working at Head Start again, and am considering going back to school.  I have had exactly no time for the crafts I love, but seem to have more requests than ever.  I don't know how on earth I plan on keeping it up, but I guess time will tell!  At least the living situation is good - I am loving sharing a house with Ben and Anissa - their family is so cute and they seem to have their heads screwed on straight.

On another front, I have started doing surveys through a website called swagbucks - I have already gotten paid $10 for a minimum amount of work.  Awesome!  I am also enjoying being a BzzAgent - I get to try things (free) and just spread the word - did I like it?  Did I hate it?  Did it fall apart in the first five minutes of use?  Was it the greatest thing I've seen in my life?!

Overall everything is going to work out great because it can.  And I have the best family to help me make it work.  Finally, a parting shot of my baby, growing older everyday...  and no I don't mean the cow.

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Amy said...

What a blessing to have a family that is supportive! I have heard swagbucks is a good way to make a few estra $, glad you are enjoying it!

Amy @ Missional Mama