Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gauging saved my Thanksgiving!

So, if you know me you might have noticed that I have a rather unconventional look.  I have tatoos and gauged ears, amongst other things.  As the title of my post suggests, I was able to combine my gauging with my holiday activities to "save the day," or rather "save the turkey."

We fry our turkey each Thanksgiving, ever since the last Thanksgiving I had with my father.  That makes our frying rig 7 years old.  I have never had top update our setup.  Why would you?  Why fix what isn't broken?  That is until this year.

We hooked the propane tank up to the hose that runs to the burner just to hear the sound of leaking propane.  Upon further inspection we discovered that our "o-ring" had disintegrated and had a large gap.  Enter the gauging... I have a ton of o-rings, as anyone who has gauged before would.  These things are free (practically), but when you need one you need one and usually can't wait.  So I swapped out the o-ring for one of my jewelry grade silicone o-rings and voila!  Thanksgiving was saved!

I hope everyone else had as good a Thanksgiving as we did, and here's to the holidays to come!

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Kristi Moormann said...

That is awesome. Mom to the rescue! Gno told me you had moved to MT. Hope the kids are liking their new school!